That depends on who you are.  School Deets is free to PTA’s, and then only $500 for full-school adoption.  Sponsors (see Sponsors Pricing) pay differently based on what subscription plan they choose and how many schools they sponsor.  

Yes. You can add as many calendars as you want in the system.   We also have built “add to calendar” features that allows mobile app users to easily add dates and events directly to their cell phones.

We don’t have an incentives/rewards software built in to our system.  We think there are plenty of systems for you to already choose from, and recommend that each teacher/school use the one they prefer.  Our system is used purely for School Communication.  This allows each teacher the flexibility to use their favorite classroom management tools, and doesn’t tie them to only using one associated with our app.  Why build features not everyone will use?

Yes, we can include this in the school resources section of the app. We want to allow for ease of use and flexibility in your systems.  Whatever online store/vendor your choose to use, you can easily share information and link to your store in our system.

Our system is so simple, you probably won’t need a training but we also want to be sure all of our users feel secure and comfortable using our system.  So, users can self-train using our knowledge base articles and power point presentations OR they can sign up for online trainings.  We hold them multiple times a week.  Go to Resources/Getting Started to sign up for a training.  

We have a top-notch development team that is always working to improve our product.  The app does not need to be reinstalled after each update, however depending on individual phone settings, some parents may need to manually update their mobile app through the iTunes App store or Google Play stores. The content that you add to the app is refreshed in real-time on parents’ phones and in our web application.

Yes, it can be updated daily, hourly, as often as you would like. It is in your hands! School Deets is a completely fluid communication system with an easy-to-use interface.

School Deets prides itself on extremely reliable, multiple-channel customer support.  Through our Help Desk, Knowledge Base, online video tutorials, detailed articles, phone, email, and chat support, we are committed to helping your school community adopt our platform every step of the way.

Launch the app on your time frame, not ours. Once your school or PTA/PTO makes the decision to use School Deets, we can get your school set up in a day.  Then it’s your organizations turn to get your parent and student data organized and dropped for us to finish setting up your school.  We can almost always meet your deadline if you are in a rush.  Then it’s time to launch to your community. 

Yes, we’ve seen some of them.  Bloomz, Class Dojo, ClassTag, ParentSquare, to name a few.  We stand out for a few reasons.  We are simple.  We don’t have multiple features that no one uses or that are confusing.  Some apps get too busy.  Next, we are sticking to solving problems that others aren’t.  For example, our system is built to help your school raise money.  Many of these other systems charge a heavy amount to your school or PTA for use of it’s product, or they base their revenue model on charging parents.  Some offer free versions but they allow for advertisements, and they make their money off of these advertisers.  We STAND OUT because we make it easy for local businesses to sponsor your school in our system.  You keep the sponsorship money.  We then help to spread the love from these sponsors to other nearby schools.  At that point we share the revenue.  So, schools keep all the money from their own sponsors, they get passive income from other sponsors in their area, and School Deets doesn’t charge your school an exorbitant amount to use our system.  It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win for all: Schools, PTAs, Local Businesses, School Deets.  We believe schools and technology companies should work together to solve some of the most pressing issues in education.  We see school funding as one of these issues, 

YES!  We can add your school custom logos and group images in multiple places within the app and your school can build as many unique resources or weblinks as you would like.

NO!  We consistently optimize our emails so parents and staff members can stay in the know directly in their “inbox.”  If you have used an email marketing system in the past, you won’t need to use it anymore.

We currently do not support delivering messages by text.  HOWEVER, we support a mobile and web application.  Users can send and receive messages through their phone. We also have a web application that you can check on your computer, and users can choose to receive notifications by email on their phone or computer. 

Yes!  We have a very simple widget that can be installed to your website.  With this widget you can share information from School Deets directly to your website.

if you can send an email, you can use School Deets!  It’s simple and effective.