Heather Wilson and Anna Kluver-Fensler are the cofounders of School Deets.

Between them, they have more than 25 years of experience in Denver Public Schools. Anna, a Colorado native and one in a long line of teachers, met Heather as a colleague at Lowry Elementary. They were both working moms, juggling their passion for education with the realities of parenting. Along with preschool pick up and drop off, they had Girl Scouts, coached sports teams, all while trying to keep up with everything going on their kids’ classrooms. 

Despite their experience in the system as teachers, managing information from so many different sources got to be overwhelming. Heather, a bilingual instructor, realized it likely was even more difficult for someone who did not speak English. So, School Deets was born: a single platform that provides the information parents want in the language they need.



Heather and Anna also are running buddies, having trained together for half marathons and a triathlon. Their mantra, whether running a race or building a company, is to enjoy the journey