When a school’s community member sends a message, parents get an alert on their phone. Whether it’s homework from your teacher, announcements from the PTA, or any other school news from the central office, messages on School Deets eliminates communication barriers with parents. It’s a single app, translated into the parent’s language of their choice, with every message in one place.


We know what teachers need! Orchestrate all your homework, shout-outs, and classroom events into one app. Not only is it easy, the app also allows you to take a data-driven approach to parent engagement. Send a message and the School Deets system tracks how parents interact with it. By using data to learn what parents want to read, schools can adapt, improve, and streamline communications.


Put classroom communications in the hands of your teachers, parent-volunteers, anyone in the community (and you!), all in one app. Plus ensure that every student has a connected parent, with the ability to track and reach out to anyone missing from the platform. Simply put, School Deets saves everyone time. Schools share their important news, and parents get the information they want and need. When adults communicate more effectively, students have the opportunity to thrive.

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